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Re: where() and IEEE NaN

In article <806t4k$mt0@post.gsfc.nasa.gov>,
William Thompson <thompson@orpheus.nascom.nasa.gov> wrote:
>I thought the only platform that wasn't IEEE compliant was OpenVMS, where the
>VAX floating point notation doesn't included NaN values.

There are also problems on many X86 platforms, where one usually has to set
a compiler flag in order to get IEEE compatibile code out of the compilers.  
I'm pretty sure the Windows version is not compliant.  Don't know about the 
linux versions.

>Actually, the comment that the above command is confusing to people who don't
>know what's going on is valid.  Vincenzo's suggestion of using FINITE(/NaN) is
>probably better, and should be (at least) just as fast.

Point taken.  I'll b&m about any numerical software that doesn't at least make
the attempt to be IEEE compliant, or at least consistant across platforms.

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