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Re: Conversions among datums and geographic coordinates

	We have compiled a set of C routines as shared libraries which can be
called from within IDL to do all those conversions.   USGS has a package
called PROJ.4 which is cartographic projection software which can be
downloaded from their website at
http://kai.er.usgs.gov/ftp/PROJ.4/proj.html.  Send me an email if you'd
like more information on our implementation.

Joe Means wrote:
> I would like to fine a routine or group of routines to convert among
> datums [NAD27, NAD83], and projection systems [e.g., state plane, UTM]
> and coordinates systems [lat-long, cartesian] that can be called from
> within IDL  I have been looking for this for a while with limited
> success.  Any one have ideas?
> Joe Means

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