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Re: Object Widgets

Struan Gray <struan.gray@sljus.lu.se> wrote in message
>     ...the following pages has links to the
> ur-widget, a minimal widget which actually does something, and shows
> how to inherit from and interact with the ur-widget, and a more
> complex colour-picker widget.
>    http://www.sljus.lu.se/stm/IDL/Obj_Widgets/

Interesting stuff, Struan! I note that your widget template object, SLFoWid,
does not create a top-level base. This seems to me to be an obvious thing to
do, since all widget hierarchies require a TLB. What were the reasons for
your choice? Do you expect SLFoWid to be used for widgets that aren't at the
top level?

Mark Hadfield
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