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Re: Object Widgets

Struan Gray wrote:
> J.D. Smith, jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu writes:
> > I often do all sorts of things in the Start method.
>     Having thought about it a bit I can see several advantages to this
> idea.  Part of me still likes the idea of invoking a working widget
> with a single call, but I expect I'll get over it.    Incidentally, if
> you feel like showing the public your generalised messaging class I
> for one would be very interested.
> Struan

Do to demand I have put a tiny ObjMsg page up at:


It's just a skeleton of a page, and, as it mentions, without examples and
details, ObjMsg doesn't seem to have much utility.  Basically, ObjMsg is just a
set of conventions for method extensions and some convenient housekeeping.  The
real meat of this paradigm exists in inheriting classes, some of which I hope to
clean up and post at some point.  For instance, the "Start" method convention
doesn't even exist at this high level, but originates one level down in a
so-called broker class.  It's not really as complicated as it sounds.

Anyway, comments are welcome.


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