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Re: Image plot on back wall

Wow!  Thanks for taking the time to help.  I looked at your
"simple" program, and it was impressive.  I will try to
work through it and try to learn something about object
graphics, because at this point, they are simply magic
to me.


As for my efforts here, I continued to work with trying to
modify the show3.pro routine, because the output is exactly
what I am looking for, if I can only get control of it.
The coordinate transformations don't seem to be well-documented,
and the IDL manuals aren't that helpful (IMHO).

I was finally able to work out how to project the image to
the front face of the cube.  I wasn't able to automatically
work out the coordinates of the back face, so I had to manually
tweak it into position.  This isn't too bad, because the coordinates
will always be the same for a given x and z axis rotation.

Ok...so you would think my life is now perfect and that I would
be satisfied?  Not So!  It turns out that this method works fine
if I use the surface procedure to redraw the surface in front
of the image using the /noerase keyword.  However, the shade_surf
procedure doesn't seem to accept the /noerase keyword (well...it
accepts it, but just chooses to ignore it  ;) ) so it erases
the screen and redraws the surface.  Therefore it erases the
image I worked so hard to place correctly!   *sigh*  Of course,
the shade_surf doesn't seem to be a normal procedure that I
can attempt to modify so that it behaves more like its brother

At this point, I am again stumped.  I know that the output
would look excellent if I could just get it to work.  Unless
there is a way to get shade_surf to recognize /noerase, I
think I have no choice but to switch to object graphics via
your example.  Thanks for the help, and for giving me a place
to whine about my IDL difficulties!


PS   To all -  Sorry about the double post yesterday....
     strange mixup!

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