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Re: Image plot on back wall

raouldukey@my-deja.com (raouldukey@my-deja.com) writes:

> Ok...so you would think my life is now perfect and that I would
> be satisfied?  Not So!  It turns out that this method works fine
> if I use the surface procedure to redraw the surface in front
> of the image using the /noerase keyword.  However, the shade_surf
> procedure doesn't seem to accept the /noerase keyword (well...it
> accepts it, but just chooses to ignore it  ;) ) so it erases
> the screen and redraws the surface.  Therefore it erases the
> image I worked so hard to place correctly!   *sigh*  Of course,
> the shade_surf doesn't seem to be a normal procedure that I
> can attempt to modify so that it behaves more like its brother
> surface.
> At this point, I am again stumped.  I know that the output
> would look excellent if I could just get it to work.  Unless
> there is a way to get shade_surf to recognize /noerase, I
> think I have no choice but to switch to object graphics via
> your example.  Thanks for the help, and for giving me a place
> to whine about my IDL difficulties!

The problem here isn't that Shade_Surf is erasing the
display, the problem is that it is NOT erasing the
display. Now are you confused? :-)

The output of Shade_Surf is actually an image. I think
you could get this program to work if you puts the bits
and bobs together in the Z graphics buffer. Then things
that were suppose to be behind other things would actually
show up there.

Think of the Z-graphics buffer as Object_Graphics Lite
and you will have no difficulties. :-)



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