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Re: IMDISP: A smart image display program

David Fanning wrote:
> Very nice job here, Liam. I stole a couple of your ideas
> for my own TVImage program. Particularly your automatic
> recognition of the !P.Multi system variable. I don't know
> why it is so hard to think of simple ideas sometimes.
> But you have done a great job with this. :-)

Thanks for the feedback David. I think it's fair to say that I stole a
couple of ideas from your TVImage program in the first place. Craig
Markwardt's recent PlotImage update also provided food for thought.

> I have just one suggestion. By default the image is
> very small when you set the !P.Multi system variable.
> I discovered, after playing around with it for a
> couple of minutes, that this was because the Margin
> was still set to 0.1. I like your idea of maintaining
> the aspect ratio of the image, but I would automatically
> turn the margins off unless they were explicitly asked
> for when plotting multiple images.

I'll meet you three quarters of the way: I've changed the default margin
to 0.025 normal units when multiple plots are displayed. I've also added
better detection of the display depth. The updated version is available

Liam E. Gumley
Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison