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Apology Was: Image plot on back wall

Whoops! I wrote this the other day after spending a LONG,
frustrating day with object graphics.

> I finally, yesterday, had
> to ask RSI for an example that worked. At first
> they pointed me to their Show3_Object example
> in the example/objects directory, which I had
> already examined, since that is exactly what I
> was trying to do. But that example worked as
> well as mine did: a black rectangle instead of
> the image. Don't these people look at the output
> of these programs before they pass them off as
> examples of how to write programs!?

I have to offer my sincere apologies to RSI for this
and other disparaging comments I may have made about
their object graphics documentation. 

As it happens, their Show3_Object demo *does* work
and it is in fact possible to use 2D images as texture
maps on polygon objects. They just don't work on
*my* machine when I have the object graphics 
preferences set to "Hardware" rendering. 

Apparently my Number Nine Visual Technology
Revolution IV 3D OpenGL Accelerated graphics
card with 33 MByte of SDRAM, which I paid a 
LOT of money for, ain't doin' what it says 
it's doin'. :-(

Anyway, if I switch to Software rendering I
see exactly what the good folks at RSI have been
insisting I should have been seeing all along. 
My sincere apologies to anyone whose feelings I hurt.



P.S. Let's just say I'm gonna be raggin' the folks
at Number Nine this afternoon. :-(

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