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Re: Usage of System Variables

In article <MPG.12b57c2e7791f45a9899b4@news.frii.com>,
	davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Martin Schultz (m218003@modell3.dkrz.de) writes:
> I like to use !P.MULTI because it takes care of a lot of
> other things for you besides position. For example, it
> also handles character sizing appropriately. And I've
> never found !P.MULTI to be disastrous, except when 
> people forget to turn it off. Then it's disastrous
> for the *next* guy, but that's not my problem. :-)
> Cheers,
> David

OK, ok ... I guess it depends on how you manage your system variables. If
you only use one plot window - no problem (if you clean up at the end as you 
suggest implicitely). If you use several windows - only a problem if you
don't store the system variable state with each of your windows. And, hey,
how do you do this? ... here we aim again for draw widgets or objects, don't

... and I disagree that !P.Multi handles character sizes "appropriately".
I have often found it more annoying than helpful that characters are shrunk
by 0.62 if there are at least three windows in a row or column. So many of
my programs contain a statement like
     if (!p.multi[1]>!p.multi[2]) ge 3 then charsize = charsize/0.62


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