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Re: Z-range

Xiaoming XU (xu@graz.at) writes:

> how can I set the Z range in the scale of x, y when use surface?
> In other words, how the x,y,z be plotted in the same scale?

As Ben Tupper points out, this is going to have to be
done on object graphics. IDL's normal direct graphics
system is really a "two-and-a-half-D" system. As such,
it forces surface plots to have artificial
limitations. For example, no matter how you rotate a
surface plot in direct graphics, the Z-axis must be
vertical. This makes is *impossible* to get correct
axis scaling.

But the object graphics system is not so hard.
You can start with this simple surface plot from
my web page and most of the work will be done for
you. :-)



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