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Re: monte carlo analysis

charliesolomon@my-deja.com writes:

>Hello ng,

>Does anyone have experience with monte carlo analysis in IDL?  I'm just
>starting to research it and would appreciate any insights or pointers
>in the right direction.  The purpose would be to take an existing
>scientific model and run gads of iterations, using different
>distributions for the input variables to get statistical results.

>Charlie Solomon

The trick with Monte Carlo analysis is to generate a properly randomized set of
test particles with the correct characteristics.  There was some discussion a
while back about the properties of the random number generators in IDL.  You
might check out www.dejanews.com, for example


Other than that, Monte Carlo is a fairly straightforward process.  IDL may not
be the best language to implement it in, though, because of all the looping
you'll probably need to do.

William Thompson