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Re: Colors and Redhat linux 6.0

John Boccio wrote:

>I have a user of Idl V5.2.1 under Redhat Linux V6.0.
>What is the proper way to set up colors?
>He can use 24 bit truecolor.
>What are correct settings for RETAIN, DECOMPOSED, PSEUDO, TRUE, etc..

Start a new IDL session and type:
device, true_color=24
window, /free
device, decomposed=0, retain=2

These commands sould be loaded in an IDL startup file (e.g.
$HOME/idl_startup.pro). Set IDL_STARTUP to point to the startup file,

setenv IDL_STARTUP $HOME/idl_startup.pro

>We cannot get printed colors to reproduce screen images.

By printed, you mean the Postscript or Printer devices? A utility that
may help is my IMDISP image display program:


Then you could try this:

demo_getdata, image, file='hurric.dat'
loadct, 13
imdisp, image
set_plot, 'PRINTER'
loadct, 13
imdisp, image