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ANNOUNCE: psconfig

Hi everyone,

I would like present a new object widget tool called
PSCONFIG that is used to  configure the IDL Postscript
device.  It builds on ideas from psform.pro by D. Fanning
and cmpsform.pro by  C. Markwardt.  The widget allows the
interactive setting of  many parameters of the Postscript
device, and uses a really  cool embedded object graphics
widget to handle the placement of the  plot region on the
page. Since it uses object graphics, however, it's pretty
much useless if you try to run it over the network :-(

Here is a picture of the widget, created with the  command
"config = PSCONFIG ()"


You will need two files to run the program:


This program is meant to be a companion to my plot 
configuration tool called PLOTCONFIG, available from


Both programs use the same concept of passing parameters
to the relevant IDL command via the _EXTRA keyword:

    config = PLOTCONFIG ()
    PLOT, ..., _EXTRA = config
    config = PSCONFIG ()
    SET_PLOT, 'PS'
    DEVICE, _EXTRA = config

or more simply:

    SET_PLOT, 'PS'
I look forward to your bug reports and requests for
improvements, hopefully after the holidays :-)



Robert S. Mallozzi                                       256-544-0887
                                                      Mail Code SD 50
http://gammaray.msfc.nasa.gov/           Marshall Space Flight Center 
http://cspar.uah.edu/~mallozzir/                 Huntsville, AL 35812