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Re: TexToIDL broken in 5.3 due to mystery function

Mirko Vukovic wrote:
> In line 281 of translate_sub_super (V1.4 of that routine) a call is made
> to the NewString variable.  That one is created on line 221 of the said
> routine by a call to STRTOK.
> STRTOK is a library function distributed with TexToIDL and used only in
> the translate_sub_super routine.  But under 5.3 it also seems to be an
> undocumented IDL function.
> The fix is easy enough, rename both the file and the call.
> How about fixing the original code?  Where is it residing?  A search of
> the IDL libraries catalogue turned up empty.
> Mirko

it's an internal routine as you can find out with

too bad it's not documented. Although IDL reserves the right to add
functions and procedures any time, I think it would be a better practice
to have a special naming for hidden (undocumented) routines. E.g.
__strtok__ would be a name that no one chooses out of lust.
Alternatively, I herewith formally demand to receive documentation on
this routine ;-)


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