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Re: Accessing "main" level variables

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> [...]
> I like your questino.  I know I will get flamed for saying it, but I
> think there are some times when it is desireable for a program to
> deposit its results into the main level.  For example, a fully canned
> curve fitting program may want to return the fitting results.  This
> should of course be done with full control and permission of the user.
> "Why," you ask, "don't you just return it as a regular or keyword
> parameter?"
> "Simple," I say.  "You don't always know how many variables you are
> going to return."  Also, if it were a curve fitting program "for
> dummies" then I would want to make it as simple as possible.
> Incidentally, there is an internal IDL routine which *can* do this.
> Unfortunately you need to write a DLM to access it.
> Craig
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No! No flaming. But as you describe it, the solution to your problem
sound like almost the typical object oriented approach. Simple enough,
once the user understands he/she has to write 
(or something similar)
The nice thing would be that you decouple the actual fitting process
from the 
output, so you can access the fit result at any time (until you
the fit object, of course). You could still write a
interface for the object to prevent the "uninitiated" user from running


PS: maybe I shut put a foot in my mouth, for I am talking so much about
objects these days but never supply any useful routines which make use
of them ;-( One day that will change for sure!...

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