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best way to ps an image


This is kinda a dumb question that I'm pretty
sure I know what to do, but I'm interested to
see if anyone has already done this, and has a
good solution.

I am outputing data into a plot window (in direct graphics)
that requires a large number of solid polyfill rectangles
(on the order of a few million).
When I write this to postcript, it makes a huge file
(50 meg up to ~few hundred), and of course is slow
to print and view etc.

(drawing to screen isn't a problem. Sure it takes a few seconds,
but no big deal.)

Obviously making an image would create a much
better printer file.

What is the best (publication quality) way to create
an image file of graphical output? I would prefer
postscript, to be consistent with all the other
figures I do. Are there any scalable image formats?


R.G. Stockwell
Colorado Research Associates
3380 Mitchell Lane
Boulder CO

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