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Re: Postscript Output

uq9j wrote:

> I'm trying to export the contents of an IDL graphics window to a
> postscript file. This is the IDL code I've been using so far in a
> subroutine:
> set_plot,'PS'
> device, /color, file='file.ps'
> tv,image   ;the variable image contains the pixel raster to store
> device, /close
> A postscript file is generated, however, the page is empty.
> What is wrong? Who can help me?

When TV is used to display an image on the Postscript device, you must
use the XSIZE and YSIZE keywords to specify the image size.

However I think you'll find it much easier to grab my IMDISP program

and try the following:

entry_device = !d.name
set_plot, 'PS'
device, /color, bits=8, file='image.ps'
imdisp, image
device, /close

Note the use of the BITS keyword. I think you'll find IMDISP much easier
to use in graphics windows as well, e.g.

set_plot, entry_device
imdisp, image