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Strange behavior on Unix


Has anyone notice strange behavior from IDL 5.3 on unix systems? (Apart
from bad programming!)

I have noticed 2 things.

1) When saving programs and then compiling them to run the compiler, on
occasion, complains of syntax errors.
When I check what the problem is, I find that strange characters appear
within the code (often near where I have edited) that resemble r's in
subscript. Why do these appear? When I delete them the code works fine

2) If I have run a program which has finished, and I now edit the
program, the processor on my sun continues to run at 100%. This is only
resolved by exiting IDL and restarting.

These problems seem to have appeared only in IDL 5.3. Could it be
related to the new colour editor now supplied with unix versions of IDL.

If others have noticed this I will mention it to .

Hopefully, there will be enough unix users to convince Research Systems
to repair the bugs. (Sorry I am still grumpy about the lack of unix


Dave B