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Re: Strange behavior on Unix


    I have noticed the problem with IDL 5.3 inserting the "r"-like
character.   I have also found that this often occurs when you cut-and-paste
or otherwise edit text.

    RSI told me that they bought the editor portion of the IDLDE environment
from a software firm - guess they should have programmed it themselves.


Dave Brennan wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone notice strange behavior from IDL 5.3 on unix systems? (Apart
> from bad programming!)
> I have noticed 2 things.
> 1) When saving programs and then compiling them to run the compiler, on
> occasion, complains of syntax errors.
> When I check what the problem is, I find that strange characters appear
> within the code (often near where I have edited) that resemble r's in
> subscript. Why do these appear? When I delete them the code works fine
> again.
> 2) If I have run a program which has finished, and I now edit the
> program, the processor on my sun continues to run at 100%. This is only
> resolved by exiting IDL and restarting.
> These problems seem to have appeared only in IDL 5.3. Could it be
> related to the new colour editor now supplied with unix versions of IDL.
> If others have noticed this I will mention it to .
> Hopefully, there will be enough unix users to convince Research Systems
> to repair the bugs. (Sorry I am still grumpy about the lack of unix
> GUI!)
> Cheers
> Dave B