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Non-sequential error

I'm designing a program which calls another program I've written, and I'm
having a bit of a problem.  The section I'm having problems with is:
       imarr(newint).occupied = 1
       expr = 'im=smallsiz('+newim+',windowsizex,windowsizey)

My problem is that mypro (a program which allows modification of newim
using widgets) begins execution, but then the following statements
execute, so the modifications from mypro don't take effect until the
program has advanced well beyond where they're needed...I was wondering if
this is supposed to happen, of if it's some shortcut the compiler takes
because of the execute statement, or what?  I've tried a similar set of
statements in a test program, calling mypro, but I don't seem to have the
problem when I'm looking for it...any ideas?