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Re: Non-sequential error

"Steven Chetelat (CS)" <chetelat@csee.usf.edu> writes:

>I'm designing a program which calls another program I've written, and I'm
>having a bit of a problem.  The section I'm having problems with is:
>       str='mypro,'+thisim+','+newim
>       b=execute(str)
>       imarr(newint).occupied = 1
>       expr = 'im=smallsiz('+newim+',windowsizex,windowsizey)
>       res=execute(expr)

>My problem is that mypro (a program which allows modification of newim
>using widgets) begins execution, but then the following statements
>execute, so the modifications from mypro don't take effect until the
>program has advanced well beyond where they're needed...I was wondering if
>this is supposed to happen, of if it's some shortcut the compiler takes
>because of the execute statement, or what?  I've tried a similar set of
>statements in a test program, calling mypro, but I don't seem to have the
>problem when I'm looking for it...any ideas?

>K-Bye, STEVE!

You'll need to execute mypro as a modal widget.

William Thompson