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Fonts in Z-device

Nice (hardware) fonts in 'X'... no problem!
Nice (hardware) fonts in 'PS'... no problem!
Nice (hardware) fonts in 'Z'... now there's a problem!

I thought the Z-device would know about the fonts
available in 'X', but that is not the case.  I
even tried device, set_font = 'Times' and although
I did not get an error, I got vector fonts!

What's a Z-device user to do!?

Here is the example code I used under Red Hat Linux...

IDL> !p.font = 0
IDL> set_plot, 'Z'
IDL> device, set_font = 'Times'
IDL> plot, indgen(3), title='I am testing the fonts here'
IDL> tvlct, r, g, b, /get
IDL> write_gif, 'test3.gif', tvrd(), r, g, b
% Compiled module: WRITE_GIF.
% Loaded DLM: GIF.