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Re: Not where

In article <bowman-0702000905130001@bowman.tamu.edu>, bowman@null.edu
(Kenneth P. Bowman) wrote:

> It would be nice to have an auxiliary array containing all the indices
> that are *not* returned by WHERE in i.

Thanks for all the replies.  Rather than appear to favor one, I decided to
reply to my own posting.  ;-)

The short answer seems to be no, there is no fast and easy way, although I
tend to favor Liam's approach as being most similar to the existing WHERE


On another subject, I have been browsing through the "What's New in IDL
5.3" volume (thanks for earlier help from this group) and have discovered
several improvements that have been proposed in this group (at least I
thought they were good ideas!), although they are not necessarily easy to

The TOTAL function now includes a CUMULATIVE keyword.  This makes it easy
to convert histograms into cumulative histograms (among other things).

Speaking of not easy to find ;-), the new bisection search function is
called VALUE_LOCATE.  I do like the way it is implemented, though.`