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IDL 5.3 on NT newbie annoyances

I recently ported my IDL work to Windows NT from an SGI unix box.  In the
process, I also upgraded to IDL5.3.

A few hings annoy me so far which I hope some have solved:

1. In Unix I was able to highlight text with a mouse in one window, move the
cursor to a new location, right click mouse and voila - copied instantly. I
didn't have to highlight, right click-copy, move cursor, right-click paste.
Can Windows NT be configured to act like a unix box (Motif) in this way ?

2. Further to this point regarding IDL.  If I wanted to copy a mult-line IDL
command separated by $ from say the program code window to the command line
using the mouse, in unix you could do directly that, hit enter and the
command successfully ran.  In Windows, it seems to only paste the first line
up to the $ sign ??

3. I notice during long command executions, the mouse does not turn to
hourglass in Windows NT (or is this a 5.3 thing - I never ran 5.3 on Unix
only 5.2.1)

4. Anyone have any good code samples on handling fonts on both unix and Nt
platforms properly to make the app look the same in both ??