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Re: superscripts

David Fanning <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote in message
> pei zeng (pei@prism-cs.com) writes:
> > Is it possible to have superscripts in text/label field, or in axis
> > text/title field when using object graphics.
> Only if you are using Hershey fonts. Use a Font object set up
> to use Hershey fonts and be sure you enable embedded formatting codes
> by setting the ENABLE_FORMATTING keyword on the text object.

Was this posted recently? It just arrived at my news server, but it looks
like something that was dealt with ~ 1 week ago.

No matter, I would just like to point out that formatting codes work with
TrueType fonts as well as Hershey fonts. Not only do the positioning codes
(!U, !E, !N etc) work, but the font selection ones do too, e.g. !5 selects
italic and !9 selects the Symbol font. The latter is news to me and may be
new in version 5.3. It's described in detail in the version 5.3 help file.

Mark Hadfield
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