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Re: idl2matlab translate-o-matic

David McClain (dmcclain@azstarnet.com) writes:

> Perhaps "better than MatLab", but hardly what "professional programmers"
> want. 

Well, I admit I didn't conduct a scientific study, but
I was thinking about what my friends and I like. We're
pretty professional, at least most of the time. Say before
the beer arrives. :-)

> What can you say of a language that is purely array oriented, but
> cannot comprehend the existence of an empty array? 

I don't know. I don't know what an empty array is either.
Perhaps that's why I like IDL.

> What of a language that
> can itself reclaim memory from unused arrays, but forces the user to reclaim
> "pointers" and "objects"? Etc., etc., ...

I'm sorry, but I think this *completely* misses the point.
Cleaning up variables is one thing, but checking for *every*
pointer reference at the end of every program module that
exits would bring just about any program--never mind IDL--
to a complete stand-still. It shouldn't be done. I applaud
the folks at RSI for dismissing the idea out of hand.



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