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Re: idl2matlab translate-o-matic

David Fanning <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote in message
> David McClain (dmcclain@azstarnet.com) writes:
> Cleaning up variables is one thing, but checking for *every*
> pointer reference at the end of every program module that
> exits would bring just about any program--never mind IDL--
> to a complete stand-still. It shouldn't be done. I applaud
> the folks at RSI for dismissing the idea out of hand.

Sorry to have to disagree with you... I routinely use a language called Caml
that performs full blown GC *all* the time. It runs at speeds that rival
C/C++, and often surpasses C on large vectorized array calculations.
Modeling programs written in it certainly run 2 to 5 times faster than IDL
on especially large array models, and orders of magnitude faster for
non-numeric calculations. GC is not the pig that it once was. Much has been
learned during the past 20 years, but RSI has chosen to ignore most of these

- DM