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IDL Voodoo Experts Needed

Hi Folks,

Alright, here is an example of what I wake up to each
morning, which might go a long way toward explaining why
I never get any productive work done. A fellow writes me
(this inevitably happens) on a topic we discussed just
a couple of days ago. Namely, he wants to create an
array of arrays--BUT, the original array is an array
of structures. 

He puts the problem like this:

   Is it possible to create an array of arrays of structures? 
   This does not work:

   l={layer,I:0,E:0.0,p:0.0,rho:0.0} ;STRUCT DEFINITION
   volume=replicate(l,layernum)  ;ARRAY OF STRUCTURES
   evolution=replicate(volume,timesteps) ;ARRAY OF ARRAYS OF STRUCTURES 

I tried Craig Markwardt's CMReplicate program and the REBIN/REFORM
voodoo offered by Liam Gumley and Bill Thompson, but all to no
effect. All complain about structures.

Since I *really* have to work on taxes and other financial
matters this morning, and since I notice quite a few more
willing bodies around here than we used to have, I'm turning
this one over to the real experts. Any ideas? :-)


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