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Webmaker for IDL available

Dear IDLers,

   I am happy to announce a new tool for automatic generation of
web pages with IDL programs, i.e. IDL library browser pages.
Check out


if you want to see sample pages generated by webmaker 1.0, read the
documentation, or purchase a license. Since this is a highly 
specialized (yet very flexible) tool, I am not going to give it
away for free. On the other hand, the shareware concept doesn't
seem to gripe in this community, so I decided for a different approach:
I let you see the result (the sample pages) and the
documentation, but if you want to use the program, you must contact me
and purchase a copy (for only US$20 or Euro 20). You will then 
get full access to all source code, and I offer relatively generous
support. This includes free upgrades (at least until a new major release
is produced), help in getting it to run or changing the appearance of
the web pages you generate with webmaker.

   As always with commercial software, here a few highlights that shall
wake your appetite:

* provides a setup tool and allows easy configuration via one
  include file
* scans one or several program libraries (directories) with IDL
* finds duplicate routine names
* automatically extracts the program category and description from
  the program header
* uses an alias mechanism to organize categories
* generates all web pages through HTML template files, i.e. no
  change in the webmaker IDL code is required if you want to change
  the appearance of your web pages.
* produces an extensive log file which will help you in case of
* runs on Windows and Unix (Linux) machines

See the sample pages at:


[[ Dr. Martin Schultz   Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie    [[
[[                      Bundesstr. 55, 20146 Hamburg             [[
[[                      phone: +49 40 41173-308                  [[
[[                      fax:   +49 40 41173-298                  [[
[[ martin.schultz@dkrz.de                                        [[