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Re: Webmaker for IDL available

Martin Schultz (martin.schultz@dkrz.de) writes:

>    I am happy to announce a new tool for automatic generation of
> web pages with IDL programs, i.e. IDL library browser pages.

Yiippee! Yeah, way to go, Martin!

> Since this is a highly 
> specialized (yet very flexible) tool, I am not going to give it
> away for free. 

Booooooo, hissss. :-(

> On the other hand, the shareware concept doesn't
> seem to gripe in this community, so I decided for a different approach:

Uh, huh. Good luck with this. Let me know. :-)

> I offer relatively generous support. 

Did you check with your wife about this? This may be
a big mistake.

> See the sample pages at:
>   http://www.mpimet.mpg.de/~schultz.martin/idl/webmaker/index.html

My check's in the mail! :-)



P.S. Nice job. I can't wait to see the source code. No
common blocks I hope for that price. :-)

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