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Re: suggestions for grabbing license from home

Replying to my own question from yesterday.

I have successfully grabbed the license now.

I had to go in and change the DNS of my home Windows machine to a DNS at 
the university. My private ISP DNS was not recognizing the name (or the 
hardcoded IP address !?) of the license server at the university.

I can now work with arrays larger than 256x256 AND save them. Woo-hoo.


In article <Fr09Dx.6Cz.A.ebony@news.trentu.ca>, dmarshall@ivory.trentu.ca writes:
>Hello all.
>I'm hoping to get some troubleshooting suggestions.
>At work I can run IDL 5.2 from my office remotely via a floating license. 
>My machine has WIN98 and the server has WIN NT. Things work fine, if 
>someone is using the license when I try it tells me such else it fires up 
>properly otherwise.
>I have the same license file at home and cannot get the license. 
>I have the license file in the proper directory, I have tried hard-coding 
>the address in (as the error message suggests).
>When I try from home, the demo mode starts and the error message is 
>something like "cannot find SERVERNAME in database, try using the address 
>as 123.456.789.123 in license file" error number is -14,7
>I can ping the server from home successfully, I see the modem send/receive 
>bytes when I try. I am using WIN98 and a private ISP.
>Others have grabbed the license from home and I'm 
>wondering if anyone has words of advice for me.