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Re: suggestions for grabbing license from home

>>>>> "D" == dmarshall  <dmarshall@ivory.trentu.ca> writes:

D> Hello all.  I'm hoping to get some troubleshooting suggestions.  At
D> work I can run IDL 5.2 from my office remotely via a floating
D> license.  My machine has WIN98 and the server has WIN NT. Things
D> work fine, if someone is using the license when I try it tells me
D> such else it fires up properly otherwise.

I don't have an answer to this - just a question.  I did not know that
it is legal/possible to run IDL from home using a floating license at
work.  How is this done?  Would someone care to write a brief summary
of the steps necessary?  At home, I run RedHat 6.1, at work we have
HP-UX if that matters.

Thanks a lot!

- Carsten

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