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license manager over the internet

While not familiar with all the ins and outs of TCP/IP, license management 
etc, here is what has worked for me. (You preface each statement with "I 
think ...")

On a server machine there runs a license manager.
Obtain the license.dat file and place it in the C:\RSI\IDL5.x\license 
directory of your home machine. 
This is the default location that IDL will look for it.

Make sure you are running the same version of IDL that is specified in the 
license.dat file (although in my troubleshooting expeditions I read 
sometimes versions different than that listed in the file will also run).

This only works for floating licenses.

RSI has some tips and hints for licenses at their website
Also www.globetrotter.com is the site of the license manager software.

I am using IDL 5.2, Windows NT server, Windows 98 client.