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Re: IDL and Linux on dual processor


I'm using dual PIII 450's in a SuperMicro P6DBS
motherboard, with 256 megs of RAM, and 512 megs of swap space.

The IDL code is very short:

pro idl_test
for i=0l,1000000 do begin
for j=0l,1000000 do begin

If I start this twice so that both processors
are running, the machine freezes in less
than a minute or two.

It doesn't seem to be a memory problem, unless there is
a memory leak somewhere.

I've also tried niceing IDL to 5 instead of the default
0 , but that didn't seem to help, except that maybe it might
take a little longer to freeze up, but that could be my

I can run compiled jobs, or single IDL jobs using
large memory requirements that require swapping, with
no problem.

Sticking print statements in the above code show that
the problem never happens at the same place.

RSI had me include the 2 help commands, they showed
nothing interesting.

Any ideas?


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