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Re: IDL and Linux on dual processor

 Hi Charles,

> I'm using dual PIII 450's in a SuperMicro P6DBS
> motherboard, with 256 megs of RAM, and 512 megs of swap space.

almost the same here, I just happen to have an ASUS PB2DS.

> The IDL code is very short:

 [ snip ]

Just tried it here (started 2 of them, while 2 other IDL-Jobs + one
mprime were running) - no problems whatsoever.

> It doesn't seem to be a memory problem, unless there is
> a memory leak somewhere.

unlikely.  You would be able to see that in e.g. top

> I can run compiled jobs, or single IDL jobs using
> large memory requirements that require swapping, with
> no problem.

Hm, maybe a problem with the libraries IDL is linked against!?
Sorry, can't give any more help there...

> Any ideas?

Not really, if it's only IDL that is crashing the computer.  That
rules out almost any hardware related problems.
Try to find out the exact library version IDL was compiled with, and
see which version you have.
Good Luck,


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