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Re: Widget Button trigger through keypress?

Oliver Smith wrote:
> In order to satisfy users of the previous version of the software I'm
> developing, I'd like to be able to trigger a widget button by pressing a
> designated key on the keyboard, whilst retaining the option to press buttons
> with the mouse.
> I know the get_kbrd function can be used to read a character from the
> keyboard, which could be tested in a case statement and then the appropriate
> procedure called; but this seems rather long-winded. Is there a simple way
> to associate a keyboard button with a widget button?

Get_kbrd only works at the terminal (command input line), not within widgets, so
that won't work (unless you tell your user to click back there and enter text,
plus have a timer event loop running).  What I usually do is have a graphical
widget button which changes it's graphic depending on whether it is selected or
not, and use a hidden text widget to capture relevant keyboard events, which
then sets the graphics as if it had been pushed (I often use B&W bitmaps and XOR
them with 255b to invert them -- you could obviously also use color bmp files). 
David refers you to the page which preserves this hidden text widget hackery for
all time.  


P.S. has anyone found out how to set color bitmaps into button values without
keeping them all in separate files?

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