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Re: [Q] XInteranimate

I have tried the MPEG options in IDL and have had a frustrating experience.
It sucks.

This is what I have been doing. It may be a bit clumsy but I am getting what
I what:

1) use IDL to generate the individual frames you want in the movie and set
them aside.

2) use another program to string these individual frames together. For
example, I generate JPEG movies using a program called MovieGear (shareware,
about $35). It also does optimization. Playing is great, forward or back,
pause, etc is ok.


"Koen Janssens" <janssens@ifu.bepr.ethz.ch> wrote in message
> I am using the XInterAnimate module to create an animation.  However,
> when I want to save the animate using "Write MPEG" there seems to be
> something wrong with the color tables.  The module also reports the
> image not being completely in buffer during the saving operation.  I am
> running IDL 5.3 on a Macintosh running MacOS 9.
> I also whether other modules are more appropriate for creating
> animations.  In general, I am looking for a module which can generate
> animations of volume data.
> Koen
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