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Re: 3-d viewing

I wrote yesterday:

> I'd start with a program like Simple_Surface to help you set up
> the Viewport coordinate system, add a trackball, etc. You will
> want to substitute a Polygon object for the Surface object in
> that program, but most of the infrastructure is already
> built for you, and you can certainly see from the surface
> object how to scale your polygon object into the view.

Since this took just a couple of minutes to do, I decided to
make it available to everyone. The program is named
Poly_Surface. You call it with the vertex and polygon
lists that you can obtain from a program like Shade_Volume:

   IDL> Poly_Surface, vertices, polygons

If you call the program with no parameters I'll build you
a little spherical polygon object. :-)

   IDL> Poly_Surface

You can find the program here:


Be aware that this program is NOT extensively tested. 
I only spent about 5 minutes on it. :-)



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