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Re: Object graphic 3d Scatterplot

I wrote few minutes ago:
> I'm quite sure this is something stupid on my part, but
> it always seems to happen to me when I am really SUPPOSE
> to be doing something entirely different. 

Well, it was something stupid, to be sure. :-(

Anyway, here is my modified Simple_Surface program,
lightly modified to show a 3D scatterplot in object


I started out with 32 points, bumped it up to 320 points without
difficulty. Then tried 3200 points. This slowed down quite
a bit, but I don't think the performance is totally unsatisfactory
even with this number of points. (And with this number of points,
the data is probably better viewed some other way anyhow, since
this is WAY too many points to visualize individually.) The
program as written shows 150 points and works great.

   IDL> Scatter_Surface



P.S. Let's just say I'm reading Martin's latest post
in a new light now. :-)

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