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As good as......it was.

Hi all,
This is strictly for general information. The other day, I received an
RSI mailing with a fresh new copy of IDL 5.3.1 advertising "very
significant improvement in the overall performance of IDL" over IDL 5.3.
Thinking "wow", this has got to be great - I emailed tech support the
obvious question asking what this improvement was. Here was the reply:

With the IDL 5.3 release, there was a problem that resulted in a
decrease in performance over IDL 5.2 on the Microsoft Windows platform.
This wasn't discovered until after the IDL 5.3 updates were sent. The
improvement in the performance of IDL 5.3.1 brought it back up to the
performance of IDL 5.2.

And here I was - wondering if I should install my copy of 5.3 over 5.2,
lol. Since this info wasn't available on the RSI website, I thought
you-all would like to know.

-Bill B.

"They don't think it be like it is, but it do."
Oscar Gamble, NY Yankees

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