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Re: Object graphics and real postscript

David Fanning a écrit :
> The way I do it (on Windows NT) is like this:
>    printer = Obj_New('IDLgrPrinter')
>    ok = Dialog_PrinterSetup(printer)
> I get a dialog for my Lexmark PostScript printer. One of
> the options on the dialog is "Send Output to File". With
> that checked, it pulls up another dialog that asks me
> what the name of the file should be, and I simply write
> to the Printer device. I get a nice PostScript file.

In fact, it is the only way to do this that I found (for now) in IDL

> It is *not*, however, encapsulated PostScript.

It is not a problem since there is a way to convert ps to eps on UNIX,
with the programm ps2eps.



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