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Re: botton size ?

In article <38f1eaa1$0$26046@news.execpc.com>,
	"pei zeng" <pei@prism-cs.com> writes:
> Hi,
> I have a dumb question: when I place 3 button with value 'Apply', 'OK' and
> 'Cancel', respectively, in one row, the buttons will have different size,
> and I can not find a way to make them have the exact same size. Can anybody
> help me?
> thanks


The GRID_LAYOUT keyword to WIDGET_BASE will do 
this in a portable way:

   grid = WIDGET_BASE (base, COLUMN = 3, /GRID_LAYOUT)
   b1 = WIDGET_BUTTON (grid, VALUE = 'Button 1')
   b2 = WIDGET_BUTTON (grid, VALUE = 'Button 2, with more text')
   b3 = WIDGET_BUTTON (grid, VALUE = 'B')

All buttons will be as wide as the widest "natural width"
button.  The natural widths are derived from the button labels.


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