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Breakdown of IDL 5.3 license manager after Update Inux

Dear Specialists

help help help...

several days ago I have received my update from IDL 5.0 to 5.3 for Linux
with the license-file, and just before it's installation I have updated
my Linux OS SuSE 6.0 --> 6.3

But now the license manager says that the HostID of my computer has
changed to:

> lmhostid - Copyright (C) 1989-1999 Globetrotter Software, Inc.
> The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is ""

and of course I can only work in demo mode.

Is there anybody out there who has made the same experiences? What can
or must I do - I have no idea any more, just some more grey hairs...

Thanx a lot!!!


Harald von der Osten-Woldenburg
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