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Re: need help with spawn and readf

Ramji Digumarthi (ramji.digumarthi@lmco.com) writes:

> I am looking for some examples of using spawn and readf with IDL and C.
> I am currently using IDL 5.0 and 5.1 versions. I can read and write
> using binary readu(IDL) and write(C).
> I would like to use readf(IDL) and fprinf(C).
> I spawn a child process and in the child process.
> IDL code: 
> spawn,program, unit=prg
> readf,unit=prg,long(int_var)
> print,int_var
> C code:
> int int_var;
> fprintf(stdout,"%d",int_var)
> this does not work and the IDL program hangs...
> if modify the C-code  fprintf to fprintf(stdout,"%d\n",int_var) 
> then I get 
> READF : input conversion error
> any comments or any examples?

Just one comment: Ain't gonna happen. :-)

The pipe is unformatted binary only.


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