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Re: openr and /get_lun

In article <38FB4B75.936477C5@astro.cornell.edu>,
	"J.D. Smith" <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> writes:
> "Robert S. Mallozzi" wrote:
>> I sure wish we had a boolean datatype - the mistake of
>> using something like "IF (NOT error) THEN" is one that
>> is really a pain to find, although it certainly makes
>> your code much more readable.
> We don't need a boolean data type... we need IF to examine not just the first
> bit of the value, but the whole thing, and use C's 0=false, anything else =true
> paradigm.  Here's hoping.
> if NOT 2 then print,"this isn't right!"
This would certainly break backward compatibility - there 
has to be someone, somewhere that relies on the fact that in
IDL, odd = true and even = false !  I feel as you do that this 
was a design mistake made a long time ago, in a programmer's
mind far, far away...



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