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Re: 3D Reconstructions of 2D Slices

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Does anyone have any pointers/suggestions/code for creating
> 3D volume arrays from 2D image slices? I know this kind of
> thing is being done all the time, but apparently the IDL
> code for it is under lock and key at one (no one knows
> *which* one) of the National Labs. :-(

Would this just-recently-declassified snippet help?

vol = dblarr(100,100,20)  ; 100x100 images, 20 of them
for i = 0, 19 do $
  vol(*,*,i) = read_my_image(image_file(i))

Extra bonus points can be gotten for recognizing the speed-up achieved
by saying "vol(0,0,i) = " instead.

Somehow I think you are asking for more though?


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