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Re: 3D Reconstructions of 2D Slices

Craig Markwardt (craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu) writes:

> Would this just-recently-declassified snippet help?
> vol = dblarr(100,100,20)  ; 100x100 images, 20 of them
> for i = 0, 19 do $
>   vol(*,*,i) = read_my_image(image_file(i))
> Extra bonus points can be gotten for recognizing the speed-up achieved
> by saying "vol(0,0,i) = " instead.
> Somehow I think you are asking for more though?

Would that it *were* this easy. Then all those Ph.D. 
candidates working on innovative techniques could purchase
IDL and be hanging out at the corner bar instead of the 

Unfortunately, the problem seems to be a *tad* more
involved than this. But thanks to the 100 or so of you
who think so little of my demonstrated IDL skills that 
you all sent me the same suggestion. :-)



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