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Re: Object Rubberband Selection Box

Just a follow-up to my own post. I wrote:

> I checked with the folks at RSI (luckily) before I chucked
> my graphics accelerator card out the window, and they tell
> me that IDL's software renderer has been optimized for 
> object instancing. I'm still dubious, but the results
> are irrefutable in this instance. :-)

I'm no longer dubious. I'm a believer. :-)

I've heard now from someone who I am certain knows
what is going on and he reports that the software
renderer has been "HEAVILY" optimized (his words)
for instancing.

Moreover, he reports that software rendering has
a very high percentage chance of being faster than
hardware rendering for both images and volumes, 
which some graphics cards have problems with. And
this, too, squares with my personal experience.

I have a new rule of thumb (actually, it's an old
rule of thumb that I somehow forgot): if it doesn't
work right and you think it should, try the software
renderer. :-)



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