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Re: Object Rubberband Selection Box

By coincidence, I was just dealing with a problem with the rubberband
code (courtesy of Dave Fanning) and thought I might ask the group a
question.  I recently received a PC upgrade at work with a fancy new
Diamond Stealth III S540 AGP video card w/ 32 Mb.  Upon trying my IDL
application for the first time, to my horror, I managed to totally hang
the entire machine upon invoking the rubberband box.  Other wierdness
was that the size of the box being drawn also affected how quickly it
would hang.  After much trial and error, I isolated the problem to one
specific line:


followed by the PLOTS command to draw the r-b box. Using any other mode
(such as 8) made the problem go away.  RSI, which by the way made great
effort to help, defined the problem as occuring in the video driver
(which *is* the most recent from the S3 website) and out of IDL's

I was just curious if anyone is using IDL with AGP video cards
specifically and if there have been any problems.  I had been using a
clunky old 2M ISA card with no problems.


Bill B.

"They don't think it be like it is, but it do."

Oscar Gamble, NY Yankees

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