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Re: Object Rubberband Selection Box

Bill B. (wrb1000@my-deja.com) writes:

> By coincidence, I was just dealing with a problem with the rubberband
> code (courtesy of Dave Fanning) and thought I might ask the group a
> question.  I recently received a PC upgrade at work with a fancy new
> Diamond Stealth III S540 AGP video card w/ 32 Mb.  Upon trying my IDL
> application for the first time, to my horror, I managed to totally hang
> the entire machine upon invoking the rubberband box.  Other wierdness
> was that the size of the box being drawn also affected how quickly it
> would hang.  After much trial and error, I isolated the problem to one
> specific line:
> followed by the PLOTS command to draw the r-b box. 

Uh, just to clarify, you will NOT find any SET_GRAPHICS_FUNCTON
calls in any code I provide. :-)

I really don't care for that technique because I don't think
it looks "professional" on many computers. I always use
a DEVICE, COPY technique for drawing on graphics plots
that use direct graphics.

Just didn't want my reputation besmirched more than it has
been lately. :-)



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